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Knut N.Stokke

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1. Bölgeforplantning på lang-og mellombölge(Long-and Mediumwave propagation)

(Teleelektronikk 1/1974, in Norwegian)
Some of the themes:

Field Strength curve 1 10 kHz-10 mHz

Field Strength curve 2 for 10 kHz-10 mHz

Wavefronts for two frequencies

Older version of Ground Conductivity map for Norway

Field strength curves for 700 kHz

Field strength curves for 200 kHz

Ground-Wave propagation for different values on 210 kHz ITU 717-2

The Eckersley method

The Millington method

The Millington method-transfer for good to bad conductivity

The Millington method-transfer for bad to good conductivity

Resulting curve for multi-hops


Field strength curves for skywave propagation

Correction curve for magnetic dip and Correction curve for time deviation from midnight

Special treat for dxers: Ionospheric wave propagation for MW at distances greater than 3000 kms. Tests 1936-1937 and in the 1960s including many well-known stations:

BBC Lisnagarvey, Radio El Mundo BA, KDKA Pittsburgh, ERT Batra, Radio Senegal, RAI Roma, CBA Sackville, VOA Poro, Radio Americas, Kuwait, TWR Bonaire, AFRS Asmara(KANU) Conacry, BR Ismaning

Special treat for dxers: Sky-wave field strengths. ITU 431-5

Many of same stations plus CBA Moncton, ORTF Martinique, VOA Ban Pachi, TDF Allouis

Coverage with different power levels

3/22 Sea Gain. ITU 435-7 A single terminal at the coast, LW/MW

New Field strength curves for 200 kHz

2. Some graphical considerations on Millington's method for calculating field strength over inhomogeneous earth

(Telecommunication Journal 42/III 1975.)

3. Resultater fra LF/MF-konferansen(Results from the LF/MF Conference(edited)

(Teleelektronikk 4/1977, in Norwegian)

Some of the themes:

Conductivity with different types of ground

Examples of The Millington method+ Sea Gain. ITU 435-7 same as page 23 above, but in Norwegian

4. Ground conductivity measurements

(Telecommunication Journal 51/II 1984.)

5. Some Quality and Coverage problems in Audio Broadcasting

(Teleelektronikk 2/2000)
How the signal of LKO Oslo Kringkaster/Klöfta 200kW was improved.

Norkring AS used processing on AM since the 70s and at LKA Vigra employed one Orban Optimod-AM unit. 
6.Concerning the proposed high-powered AM transmitter in Norway.

To US Consultant in Virginia for Northern Star, 2002

The expected signal strength over the UK from Radio Northern Star.

Note: Point A=English Channel, B=NW Wales, C=SW Scotland, D=N Scotland, E=Metro London, F=Midlands, G=Metro Dublin, H=Borders

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