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Northern Star Media presents
AM transmitters and operations from Bergen and Western Norway.

LGN Bergen Radio.
is situated at 602443N/052154E.MF Operations have later moved to Marøy.

Bergen Funicular in the late 40s on the way to LGN site atop Rundemanen. Photo: Svenn Martinsen.
LGN site atop Rundemanen. Photo: Teledirektoratet.
LGN site atop Rundemanen. Photo: Svenn Martinsen.
Bergen in the late 40s photographed from LGN site atop Rundemanen. Photo: Svenn Martinsen.
LGN Bergen Radio "studio" atop Rundemanen. Photo: Unknown.

The first AM site in Bergen, Norway.
This site was situated at Fredriksberg fortress. Later moved downtown to Telegraph building.

Used briefly for test transmissions 1925. Picture: Unknown.

The second AM site in Bergen, Norway.
was situated at 602653N/051316E.Operations moved to Askøy 1937.

The Telegraph building in the 20s from other side of Lille Lungegaardsvannet with one of two flattop antenna masts. Picture: Unknown.
The Bergen Telegraph building in the 30s with one of two masts. Picture: Unknown.
The Bergen Telegraph building with twin flattop masts in the 20s. Picture: Unknown.
Several frequencies were used on the station: 750, 810, 820, 850 and 722 kHz.Picture: Teledirektoratet.
On 820 kHz the station was heard in Chula Vista, California. Picture: Unknown.
Postcard from the same time as the pic above. Picture: Mittet.
The picture shows the site in 1934 with a local bus company lined up in front. Picture: Unknown.
The first transmitter was a Standard Electric 1 kW rig. Picture is from December 13th,1925: Teledirektoratet.
Bergen Broadcasting: Christmas Card, probably issued by F.Beyer paper factory.
Bergen Broadcasting:Programbladet(Local Radio Times) I.
Bergen Broadcasting:Programbladet II.
Bergen Broadcasting:Programbladet III.
Christmas in Bergen 1928(In Swedish).

The LKB and LLE stations, from the third AM site in Bergen, Norway.
was situated at 051316E/602653N.The close down was Nov.1st, 1978 at 15 Minutes past Midnight.

Askøy Island with site seen at a distance from one of the mountains of Bergen with the city in front and the North Sea at the horizon.
We home in on LKB from the air.
The LKB and LLE station seen from outside.
The LKB and LLE station seen from outside,II.
The famous LKB transmitter hall stands deserted as it was at the sign off with sole Telefunken 20kW unit of this kind left.
The new LKB Philips 10 kW transmitter from 1965 now at LKA Vigra.
LLU: The 1kW Marconi used for local programs.
The Southern LKB tower at Frudalsmyrene, Erdal. Station was formerly on Longwave and then used 260 and 355 kHz for its two channels, one relay of Oslo program, and one local, called Bergen lokal or Bergen II(LLU). This closed in 1966.
The Northern LKB tower also radiated on 890 and 1115 kHz until it closed for good.
On/off coupler.
AT unit, including feeder cable of Utility Longwave station that operated from site on 438 kHz during the later years.
Auxillary tower once used for local radio on FM 106.4.
Guy wire.
Towers are taken down. Sad end of LKB in November 2000.
Set of mikes.
The old mixing table from 1938.
Founder at LKB, August 1993.
A 250 Watt Western Electric graveyarder is also on the LKB site. This is the former LLU used at the outskirts of Odda on 1466 kHz(earlier 1115 and 1348 kHz) as a local relay for this inner Hordaland industrial town.
LLU site, NRK Odda near Norzink used until 1978. Picture: Industrial museum.

Map of NRK AM stations 1952

Bergen's Student Rag Week stations. The UKEsenders.

Picture:Norwegian AM transmitter site LKB at Erdal, Askøy Island. Twin 150 metre masts were taken down fall of 2000.
This picture shows the Southernmost tower as it was in 1993.

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In 2009, Foreningen Bergen Kringkaster leased the site from Askøy Municipality for 10 years.
LA1ASK Ham Station.

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