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Norwegian Rag Week Stations(Ukesendere) page!

Find a selection of memorabilia and material from the Norwegian UKEsenders 1945-2001!

A master survey of all stations
Essay from about UKE Trondheim 1933-1989, in Norwegian
A series of UKE Bergen material follows

Flyer from UKE Bergen 1968

Report to UKE Bergen 1968 I

Report to UKE Bergen 1968 II

Report to UKE Bergen 1968 III

Flyer from UKE Bergen 1970

Sticker from UKE Bergen 1970

Information sheet, UKE Bergen 1970

Program ideas, UKE Bergen 1970

Report to UKE Bergen 1970 I

Report to UKE Bergen 1970 II

UKE Bergen 1970, Editorial staff I

UKE Bergen 1970, Skjalg Halmoy and Ulf Ertsas by the AM transmitter.

UKE Bergen 1970, Student djs on late-night show

UKE Bergen 1970, the temporary broadcasting license

UKE Bergen 1970, an exhange with a Bergen police inspector

Report to UKE Bergen 1972 I

Report to UKE Bergen 1972 II

UKE Bergen 1972, application for license

UKE Bergen QSL card, back

UKE Bergen QSL card, front

Most of the UKE Bergen material has been donated by project organizer 1970 and 1972, Skjalg Halmoy junior
A series of UKE Oslo material follows

UKE Oslo QSL card 1952 to Tore B Vik

UKE Oslo QSL card 1968

UKE Oslo QSL card 1972

UKE Oslo QSL card 1973, front

UKE Oslo QSL card 1974, front

UKE Oslo QSL card 1974, back

UKE Oslo, last transmitter location at Kringsja, dipole antenna for 1313 kHz. Also used by Karnevalsradioen. Picture: Unknown.
A series of UKE Trondheim material follows

UKE Trondheim Sticker 1967

UKE Trondheim QSL card 1945 to Arne Skoog

UKE Trondheim QSL card 1953 to Tore B Vik

UKE Trondheim QSL card 1965 to Leif Riiser signed by Oystein Singsaas

UKE Trondheim QSL card 1969 to Nils Ingelstrom

UKE Trondheim QSL card 1971 to Jorma Mantyla

UKE Trondheim QSL 1987, English

UKE Trondheim QSL 1987, Norwegian

UKE Trondheim QSL 2001, English

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