Northern Star International Broadcasters AS(1999-2010)
Received a broadcasting license from The Norwegian Media Authority in 2001 to broadcast on 216 kHz with 1200 kW.
The frequency had earlier been used by the NRK.

Click and find a selection of pics and souvenirs from former occupants of this AM channel.

The Lambertseter transmitter in the 30s
The Lambertseter site. From the NRK archive
Lambertseter QSL. Drawing by Thv.Astrup
The Lambertseter site during WW2
The Lambertseter site during WW2
Lambertseter popular commercial spot: Alf R Bjercke: Malern(The Painter)

Picture: LKO Oslo-Lambertseter used many frequencies, both MW and LW. It changed to 218 kHz from 260 after the Copenhagen Plan was implemented in 1950.

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