The Radio Rose of Texas by Derek Burroughs, jr.


Contents and invitation for participation:


A Radio Rose of Texas.

The 5 of the Olga Patricia.


Preface: “England’s finest”

 “Pickin’up “Boss” Vibrations”

Contents and invitation for participation

Chapter 1: Texas Radio takes to the air in Europe” Attempt of a diary of the Olga Patricia stations.

Winter and Spring 1966

May 1966-September 1967 Rundown month by month

Chapter 2: ”I went ahead and did it.” Olga Patricia, founder and administration.

About Don Pierson, founder of Radio London and the Olga Patricia Stations

William(“Bill”) Vick, the first Mananging Director of the Olga Patricia operation

Larry Dean on Jack Nixon

I never set out to be remembered

”Don’t you know...Boss Jocks play much more music!” Ron O’Quinn interview

Ben Toney, advisor in 1966

And then it is over to Tom Danaher

Tom Danaher and Don Pierson

About Chuck Blair/Jay Kay

Jack Curtiss steps up to the microphone

Basil van Rensburg, from advertising and radio to the priesthood.

“An old colonel steps aboard”

The “Captain(s) of your ship.”


Chapter 3: ”Ron on the radio from 2-6 pm.” Olga Patricia djs and newsreaders May 3rd-August 6th 1967

A 5-station rundown

Chapter 4: Inputs from and on Olga Patricia broadcasters.

Larry Dean

"They wanted us to sound slick, pacy and fast"

“You are listening to the Jerry Smithwick program!”

Johnnie Walker remembers

Phil Martin

Summer 1966 brings “the Second US Wave”[1] to the “227” microphone

"Boom Boom Brannigan" or Bob Klingeman

April 4th, 1967: Boomer's accident

Perry Woods, former Operations Manager at WPXI

Steve Richards(Steve Nelson), formerly of WPXI

On Radio England from “Will radio pirates walk the plank?” ©LIFE International Magazine. October 31st, 1966[2]

A format change on 227 and Bill Berry shows leadership

John Ross-Barnard

David Gilbee, also known as Dave MacKay

The cartoonist of the Olga

Look Boden

Dick Weeda’s Radio 227 memories

John Aston takes the microphone

Martin Kayne was the last dj who did breakfast on the Olga

Chapter 5: ”Today, this song is Boss Sound no.1-1-1”. Olga Patricia music and jingles.

The last ”Boss Fun 50”, of November 5th, 1966

BOSS 40 and (BOSS)FUN 50 #1s

Chapter 6: A radio hybrid. Olga Patricia programming.

US station roots

”In excess of 50000 watts”. SRE’s Legal IDs atop the hour(TOH)

BOH/Bottom of the Hour IDs

“The Sound of the International Giant…”-SRE special promos

”Saturday morning at 8”-SRE’s Promos(for) special shows

When form was more important than content”

Ron O’Quinn explains the news concept

The Bannerline news format came from WFUN

“It’s Thatman” -SRE’s jingle sets

Ron O’Quinn explains

Larry Dean explains

Jingles used on the Olga stations

Chapter 7: ”On ”3-5-5” and ”2-2-7”. Technical.

The Olga Patricia Frequencies

The Olga Patricia Transmitters

Swazi Music Radio 1376 kc

Swazi Music Radio-format changes

Trans World Radio Swaziland 1170 kc

Chapter 8: “32 Curzon”. Addresses and other administrative data.


5-station information

The format changes.

1. The song(s) of a Dolfijn enters 227. About the Dolfijn mystery.

Chapter 9: Sales and ratings.

Ad clients.

Chapter 10: What happened to the Olga Patricia?

Ship details.

The aftermath: Up for sale.

”Last voyage of a Musical pirate.”

The aftermath: Langford, TWR and...?

Other ships?!

The question of the Olga Patricia’s identity

And now...enter the Earl J.Conrad!

Where the Heck is the Olga Patricia?

A surprising development: Radio Galleon.

Chapter 11: Meanwhile on the Galaxy.

Chapter 12: ”See you around”. The end of Texas Radio in Europe.


In spite of the effort of Burroughs, jr. and others not all facts have been established.


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If you worked with or on these stations in any respect, or have information from other sources, you are invited to give your input in text or pictures so that it may fit the outline above. Previously unknown unscoped mp3 recordings(if possible) are also sought, as well as scoped airchecks, also in mp3 that may be displayed on the site. We only want sound material not published elsewhere.


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[1]  Phil Martin expression.

[2]  LIFE International magazine has ceased trading long ago. The article of the Oct.31st, 1966 edition is also unnamed as well as the photos. A hint of the origin is given with the name Jim Hicks, Life’s Bureau Chief in London, with whom we’d like to get in touch if at all possible. Contact with Time-Life International has been tried in vain. For historical and non-commercial objectives the magazine material is published here to preserve it, and let it add its valuable angle to our story.