Chapter 6: A radio hybrid. Olga Patricia programming.


Robert Chapman[1] describes the(initial SRE broadcasts)to be New York City(radio stations) influenced… “very “up” and very frenetic…a blurring montage of motor skills and corporate ego.” And that SRE introduced “many of the gimmicks and techniques familiar to American audiences…echo and reverberation effects took the station into the realm of the avant garde…not used only to enhance announcements…” This is partly right. The Jet Set jingles were there, also used by WABC, and Gary Stevens from WMCA came in with a taped show from Summer 1966. But format-wise, The Olga Project was a hybrid of several stations from various parts of the USA. Here are some of them:


US Station Roots


KLIF Dallas, TX 1190

KBOX Dallas, TX 1480[2]

WFAA Dallas, TX 570

WFUN Miami, FL, 790

WLCY Tampa-St.Petersburg, FL 1380

KHJ Los Angeles, CA 930

WPTR Albany, NY 1540

WFEC Harrisburg, PA 1400

WROV Roanoke, VA 1240

WBZ Boston, MA 1030

WABC New York, NY 770

WMCA New York, NY 570



New York radio roots from ©Billboard, 1978. Talking about American radio in Europe, Alan Freed also had a Luxembourg show in the 50s.(© Eric Gilder.)


”In excess of 50000 watts”. SRE’s Legal IDs atop the hour(TOH)


The Legal ID is an USA term for station identification atop the hour(TOH). The FCC requires stations there to identify themselves by call letters, assigned frequency and licence city. Listening to Bill Berry on ID #9, it’s almost as he’s saying WSRE!


1. “From 4 miles off the Frinton Essex Coast on 227 metres in the MW band, you’re tuned to Swinging Radio England Home of the Boss Jocks and Much More Music.”(June 19th,1966)

2. ”1322 kilocycles, 227 metres in the MW band, 4 1/2 miles off the Frinton Essex Coast of Great Britain with 55000 watts of power this is Swinging Radio England. Radio England, your most music station. This is the Ron O’Quinn show. On the much more music stn SRE.(July,1966)

3. ”Broadcasting 4 1/2 miles off the Frinton Essex Coast you’re listening to the Capital Sound of SRE, SRE on 227 metres in the MW band it’s 5pm.”(Jerry Smithwick, August 1966?)

4. ”Broadcasting 4 1/2 miles off the Frinton Essex Coast on 227 metres, this is SRE your first 24 hours Most Music Station” Jingle: The Boss Jocks(twice) play more music now!” (August and September 1966?)

5. “Broadcasting 4 1/2 miles off the Frinton Essex Coast this is Swinging Radio

England, Britain’s only 24 hours most music station where the time now…”(Roger Day, October 13th,1966)



A 1966 Texas radio venture has impact.  School scribbling in Norway on October 2nd, 1966. Submitted by svennam.


6.Broadcasting  4 1/2 miles off the Frinton Essex Coast on 227 metres with 55000 watts of power, this is Swinging Radio England your first 24 hour music station where the time now ...”(Johnnie Walker, last show, October 15th,1966)

7.Broadcasting 4 1/2 miles off the Frinton Essex Coast on 227 metres this is Swinging Radio England, your first 24 hour music station.” (October 16th, 1966)

8. (Fanfare)” With 55000 watts of power. You’re listening to the world’s most powerful offshore station Radio England. With facilites for combining power to 110000 watts (Bill Berry)

9. (Fanfare and Drums)” (This is)SRE-Swinging Radio England. Broadcasting 4 1/2 miles off the Frinton Essex Coast on 227 metres, 24 hours a day, in excess of 50000 watts of power, SRE-First and Foremost is BOSS!” Jingle: The Boss Jocks(twice) play more music now!” (Bill Berry, used as late as final day at 1400)

10. ”Broadcasting 4 1/2 miles off the Frinton Essex Coast on 227 metres this is Swinging Radio England.”(Over ”Surf” track from ”Jet Set”, spoken by Mark Stevens. Used in final programme, Nov.13th,1966 at 2302.)


 BOH/Bottom of the Hour IDs:


”This is the Ron O’Quinn show. On the much more music stn SRE.”( July,1966)


“Broadcasting 4 1/2 miles off the Frinton Essex Coast this is Swinging Radio England, 227 metres in the MW band…”(Tom Cooper, October 14th,1966)


Broadcasting 4 1/2 miles off the Frinton Essex Coast on 227 metres this is Swinging Radio England, your first 24 hour music station.” (October 16th, 1966)


Broadcasting 4 1/2 miles off the Frinton Essex Coast on 227 metres this is Swinging Radio England, your first 24 hour most music station.” (Harry Putnam/Johnny Dark October ?, 1966)



Here he is! Fans favourite Harry Putnam, or “Johnny Dark” formerly of formerly of WTOW Towson, Maryland and Radio Essex, the voice on IDs, ads and not forgetting the ”R&B Nightride” achieving ”cult” status on Britain Radio from January to February 1967.


“The Sound of the International Giant…”-SRE special promos.


1. ”Mr. Businessman”#1


”With 55000 watts of power, you’re listening to the world’s most powerful offshore station at Radio England. With facilities for combining power to 110000 watts. Mr.Businessman, to get your product before the largest audience in the world call Colin Brown at Mayfair 7494 or Mr.Bill Vick at Mayfair 3742. You may write direct to Colin Brown, 33 Dover Street, London W!. Anyone may receive a free brochure simply by calling or writing. Radio England reminds you to always advertise with the leader!”


”Mr. Businessman”#2


“Mr.Businessman, I am a housewife. I have never heard of your product or your service. I may be in need of one or both of these right now, ‘cause I’ve never heard of you. By the way, I listen to Radio England all the time. Don’t let a prospective customer such as this housewife buy your product or obtain your services elsewhere. Radio England covers the entire country, the local businessman pays only for the area. For further information call the Radio England business offices at Mayfair 3742 today. Let’s face a fact Mr.Businessman, everyone listens to Radio England, you’re listening right now.”(Spoken by Mark Stevens)


2. ”Thatman”


To ”Thatman” jingle bed: ”It’s another Fun first for Boss Radio coming soon to to 227 Your Much More Music Station Swinging R England.”


3. Boss radio Bumper stickers.


a. ”You asked for it, Boss Radio’s got it. The brand new Boss bumper stickers are available NOW! Send for fabulous bumper stickers- please send a stamped addressed envelope to Boss Bumper stickers, 32 Curzon Street London W1. It’s free from the Boss!”


b. ”You asked for it, Boss Radio’s got it. The brand new car stickers are available NOW! To get your FREE Boss-fabulous car sticker- send a self-addressed stamped envelope to car sticker, 32 Curzon Street London W1. It’s free from the Boss!”


4.”The Magnificent Seven”.


The style of this approx. 30 secs  promo is similar to the three Chuck Blair made for Britain Radio and for all I know, it could be him at least writing the script on this slightly cryptic one too.


Theme mx: ”The Magnificent Seven” by Elmer Bernstein. Bill Berry: “From the fishing banks of the Thames to the all-night (buckle?)(muscle?)(music?) of the markets at Covent(?) Garden. All England waits, watches and listens as the leaves begin to dawn their fall jackets of many color..[3]


5. “Ja, ja”-Going Dutch.


a. ”Hallo Swingers in Holland, wij verzorgen de groetse programma’s  binnen kort voor U op dit station Swinging Radio Holland dus blijft afgestemd op 227 meter op het middengolf op Swinging Radio Holland.”


b. ”Ja, ja nog maar even de Radio England wordt een nieuwe nederlandse zender op de 227 meter. Anstande maandag kunt u al gaan luisteren naar dit fijne station… darin komt alle nieuws op deze niuewe zender op de 227 meter.”


”Saturday morning at 8”-SRE’s Promos(for) special shows


1.”Saturday morning at 8-the Boss Fun 50”


The chart changed name at some stage from Boss 40 to Boss Fun 50 but was also called Fun 50(or Top 50, Tom Cooper) towards the end.


2. ”Sunday at 3.15 the Rock ’n Roll Revival Hour w Mark Stevens and Errol Bruce.”


(Spoken by Errol Bruce) This programme was also broadcast on the closing day, but when did it start?


3. Gary Stevens show.


Recorded at WMCA New York. Started July 17th. Heard last October 28th, 1966? Gave 17 Argyle Street, London W1 as address[4]. “…relayed his brash and abrasive New York style without compromise…”[5] The show was important as music source for the station, as it gave the British market early plays of records with hit potential in the UK. Alan Black mentions in his final show on Radio 355 in 1967 that the Olga djs “lifted off” music from the GS tapes such as Left Banke’s “Walk Away Renee.”


4. The Swinging Radio England Great Gathering of Golden Goodies.


Radio England was the first station to program a part-time oldies format. From the official start in June Every other record each weekend from Fri Midnight to Sun Midnight was an Oldie Goldie.

From September until the end each Sunday was a The Swinging Radio England Great Gathering of Golden Goodies. Ie every record played a Golden Goodie from Sat Midnight to Sun Midnight.


5. Boss Beatles Weekend.


In an interview with Maureen Cleave in London Evening Standard of March 4th,1966[6] John Lennon said the Fab Four were more popular than Jesus. The American reaction was instantaneous. Radio stations across the country, but especially in the Midwest and the South, one being WAGY 1320, stopped playing Beatles records. On August 13, KLUE Radio in Texas organized a Beatles bonfire. The Texan SRE hosted this event to ”boost” the group, coinceding with the Beatles’ USA  tour in August, - every record played was by the Liverpool 4.


6. Musical Carousel.(Britain Radio)(Producer Chuck Blair, autumn 1966)


1.”From the shivering heights of the Eiffel tower…”

2.”As the busy girls of London scurry back from lunch and into office…”

3. ”As the days events roll from the presses of the evening newspaper…”

-”…music in the air everywhere from Britain Radio-and this is Musical Carousel.”


7. Music for every mood.(Britain radio)( Producer Alan Black, autumn 1966)


8. Another STAR dj(Radio 227)(Producer Dave MacKay/Tony Windsor, late May, 1967)


Jingle: ”Swinging Radio-”Double 27” ”Hullo! This is TW... Happy indeed to introduce another STAR dj on the NEW Double 27!...(Sample) This is Dick Weeda... Radio 2-2-7...”



when form was more important than content.”[7] Bannerlines, Space News Hotlines, Weatherwords and Ionospheric Weatherchecks-SRE News and Weather.


“Radio England made “news bulletins into pure theatre…it didn’t just report the news, it presented bannerlines…”[8]


As it well known, from its inception, SRE had the most complicated news bulletins ever heard on UK radio, easy to hear on the opening day, June 19th, 1966. In ”Bannerline News” every hour 15 minutes past the hour the presenter had to coordinate jingles, echoes and sound effects while reading the news stories[9].


Although simplified after some weeks, later the format was slightly changed to ”Space News Hotlines”, not exactly easy to present either: ”From the North, East, West and South, this is Radio England news live and up-to the minute at –fifteen. N.N. reporting in the public interest. Hotline…(Hotlines)This is N.N.…Hotline…(Hotlines)And then the R England Weatherscope reports… This has been N.N. for Radio England.(Jingle) The station that keeps you informed. News every hour…More Music NOW!


The weather reports were broadcast at 15 minutes before the hour, and during the night also at 15 past. Two different jingles were used seemingly without any clear format: ”Pams ”Ionospheric weatherchecker” and ”Theweatherwordtheweatherword”, sometimes followed by “Weatherword-go go!”


Ron O’Quinn explains how the news concept was put together[10]:


“I wanted us to sound professional. We had two information services, a teletype machine and shortwave radio and it could be really garbled. We could get UPI or AP News from their shortwave broadcast on to the teletype which would type it all out. We could also pick up the English teletype version of the Russian news agency TASS so we got American and Russian slants on the news, and somewhere in the middle was the truth. We could also listen to the BBC News because we could hear the facts as the British are quite dry in their news delivery. In my opinion it was extremely accurate and it wasn’t political.


We tried to present headline news as we couldn’t get the meat of the story. News at 15 past and 15 to the hour means accuracy of your eye and that you have excellent vision and I thought by using that would give the same impression.


Weather forecasting was a different thing and where we were out in the North Sea I couldn’t understand British meteorologists and how can you forecast for an island? The North of England weather is going to be totally different from the South of England and we covered all of that so all we could say was “Hey, it’s a pretty day here in the North Sea.”


The Bannerline news format came from WFUN.


Go to Richard Irwin’s(“Uncle Ricky”) great Reel Radio site(subscription) at


and listen to great recordings from WFUN 790 Miami, FL and Fundamental News with Jay McKay from July, 1961 and Britt Huey from 1961,


On his site, Uncle Ricky says about the latter:


“Cuban Embargo Pending!


This is (I think) a fairly rare clip. I first heard this in 1968. The clip begins with the ending of "Bonanza" by Al Caiola (got to #19 on Billboards HOT 100 in 1961). The newscaster is "Britt Huey". Britt bumps the mic stand at least once during this unbelievably noisy newscast. No wonder - he did it with  McKenzie Repeater[11] tape loop machines - there were no carts. One deck of the Repeater needed a second start - you'll hear the authentic dead air where a tympani should be within the first 15 seconds of the newscast. But it wasn't too bad - with two underscores (teletype and strings) and that "shimmering" reverb, there was no such thing as "dead air."


The echo and filter effects were applied LIVE by the newscaster. PARIS! France set off its fourth Nuclear Explosion! HAVANA! Russian Goods on the Way! All the elements of todays tabloid-style TV newscasts are here: The recorded "features" (WFUN REFLECTS THE PUBLIC OPINION! WFUN PREDICTS!) intermixed with hard news, noise and dramatic musical bridges. Note the "Weatherscope" and "COUNT! DOWN!" at the end of the newscast, climaxing with the big TWELVE O'CLOCK NOON annoucement, followed by THE major hit of the year - "Runaway", by Del Shannon! Whew! Whadda rush!


“…This is a marvelous, silly and stylish treasure, but a genuine example of Reel Top-40 news - when form was more important than content!”


Radio City parody


On Radio City ”299” on Shivering Sands, a parody on Radio England news was broadcast on ”Aunty Mabel Hour” on 1034 kc hosted by Ian McRae and Tom Edwards with ”Bang Bang Brannigan” reporting in the public convenience” on ”Swinging Radio Worksop.”[12]


“It’s Thatman” -Olga’s jingle sets.


Ron O’Quinn and Larry Dean explains[13]:


“I had done jingles with other stations I had worked at. I went to Pams which was the premier jingle house in Dallas, Texas and I told them what I wanted. I got Series #27 but it was possible to re-arrange it a bit and make them sound the way you wanted to. We would spend $35-45.000[14] a year on jingles, which was a lot of money then, and we cut new jingles on a regular basis. I didn’t come up with Swinging Radio England, which I would never have used, but Don Pierson thought it was a good idea because of Roger Miller’s “England Swings” hit. When I came back to the USA I heard the The Who album using all our jingles with Radio London stuck in! But Radio London never had Pams series #27 and they stole all of those. They spliced them all.


Later, I bought jingles from Spot Productions, because Batman, the TV series was coming to England, and we adapted the jingles to the Swinging Radio England ID and the DJs name so that when people heard the Batman theme, they would automatically think of Radio England.



KHJ 930 “Boss 30” February 9th, 1966. Source: Unknown.


Regarding the Dick Starr material: Dick was very talented. We had gone to a radio convention in Los Angeles and met Carl Wilson of the Beach Boys. We wanted him to do some one-liners like: “This is Carl Wilson on the Jack Armstrong show” and he thought that was great and said; “Hey, that’s Boss”. So we thought this was a neat idea and we came back and cut the Boss Jock package. It probably didn’t fit in England because Boss was not a phrase that was used over there and it wasn’t even used a great deal on the East coast. But we got it going in South Florida. Dick sadly passed away in 1977.”



And where did Carl Wilson pick up “Boss”? On LA’s Boss Radio, KHJ featuring Robert W. Morgan, The “Real” Don Steele, Charlie Tuna and many others. [15]


”We used DJ names from WPTR Albany, New York. I brought tapes of the DJ jingles from there, when I came over.” [16]



Inside of WPTR 1540 QSL card from 1965. Donated by John Sgrulletta of the National Radio Club.


“While I was at WPTR, we had PAMS jingles Series #30[17] for the likes of Chuck Blair, Boom Boom Brannigan, Johnnie Walker etc. Jack Walker was his real name, but he used Johnnie on the air. He was a great disc-jockey a very funny man-he was originally from Ohio.”


“We knew we had a PAMS jingle package for Swinging Radio England, and you could splice these things together really well. I just took a copy of the jingles with me, and as new people were hired, they were played some of these things and asked which one do you want. So that’s how the whole thing came about.”


Jingles used on the Olga stations


Pams, Dallas, Series #14 ”Dramatic Signatures”


It’s blastoff time on the Action Satellite we’re going into orbit

Its blastoff time on funny radio we’re going into orbit


Pams, Dallas, Series #16(from WFUN Miami)”Sound of the City”


The Fun spot

With you all the way Fun spot

Do you remember

You are on the go go - the fun spot

Cool summer sounds The Fun spot


Pams, Dallas, Series #22 ”Sono-Magic”


Fun Radio-Yes Indeed(?)


Pams, Dallas, Series #24 ”His and Her Radio”


Let the good sound roll

We don’t want all the listeners


Pams, Dallas, Series #27[18]. ”Jet Set”


Swinging Radio England Where the Action is

You get a positive charge here on Swinging Radio England

Surfin’ Swinging Radio England

Jet Set Sig Swinging Radio England

Remember this Golden Classic - Swinging Radio England

Lets look into the future time, pick the tune that's gonna climb, breaking with the sound of tomorrow - Swinging Radio England

The fastest thing in the air, Swinging Radio England

Swinging Radio England brings you up to the minute reports from the Ionospheric weather checker

England's Finest - Swinging Radio England -Where the Music is News

Skyliner Swinging Radio England

Swinging Radio England Out-a-Sight!

Stay with the fun, Whoopie, hear all the hits on Swinging Radio England

Live this weekend where the action is on Swinging Radio England

In Swinging England we pamper people...

Good Morning the world is bright and new, sit tight you're always right with Swinging Radio England

You're a winner with Swinging Radio England



Invoice from Pams to Laissez-Faire Ltd. for Series 27 and Smart Set. ©Eric Gilder. Used with permission.


Pams, Dallas series #29 ”Radio au Go Go”


Space News Hotline

Weatherword-go go!


Pams, Dallas, Series #30”The N’ Set”

(from WPTR Albany)


He’s here, He’s on intros




Pams #27 Jet Set master delivered to WTMA Charleston, SC on 1250.


Pams, Dallas, Series #32 ”Swiszle”/”Good Timer” [19]


Let the good sound roll

We don’t want all the listeners


Spot Productions, Dallas


Thatman(ex.WPTR Albany)[20]



Fundamental News

Bannerline News/News sounders/Weatherprediction Time(Ex. WFUN Miami)



The station that keeps you informed(?)





Larry Dean’s(and Roger Scott[23]’s) WPTR anno 1966. 1540 survey for February 19th, 1966. From


Dick Starr(of WFUN)[24]


The Boss more music Now!

Boss Radio

Boss Radio(Alt.version)

More Music More Music

Boss Radio Instant replay

Today-this song is Boss Sound no.1

Today-this song is Boss Sound no.2

Today-this song is Boss Sound no.4


Twin Spin(?)




Pams Smart Set[25]


International standard for quality, Hallmark of Quality Britain Radio The Smart Set

Tha Hallmark

There's never a dull moment on Hallmark of Quality Britain Radio The Smart Set

Hallmark of Quality Britain Radio

Step up, step up to a new level of musical velvet, smooth sounds of the Smart Set - Hallmark of Quality Britain Radio

Hallmark of Quality Britain Radio

Hallmark of Quality Britain Radio

Swinging, smart, satisfying sounds, sharp and syncopated.... Hallmark of Quality Britain Radio Wonderful Music

Hallmark of Quality Britain Radio

Hallmark of Quality Britain Radio with music for this that and the other.

Hallmark of Quality Britain Radio

Britain Radio

Britain Radio

Britain Radio

Britain Radio

Britain Radio

Britain Radio

The Sound of News

The Sound of News is heard only on Hallmark of Quality Britain Radio

Hallmark of Quality Britain Radio

Britain Radio-Weather

Around the clock, you know more when you listen to Hallmark of Quality Britain Radio

The Bright Sounds of the Smart Set Hallmark of Quality Britain Radio

Around the clock, irresistible music Hallmark of Quality Britain Radio

Around the clock for all the best in music, turn to us...


Global Medium(NAB)(Also used by WRUL/WNYW Radio New York Worldwide)

Wherever you go(?)

Have a happy happy weekend(?)




Dolphin cries

CRC Fundamental News bits for News




used edited jingles from Pams, Dallas series #27 ”Jet Set” and Pams, Dallas series #29 ”Radio au Go Go.”

With ”Double 2-7” and ”2-2-7” spoken by Dave MacKay in English and inserted instead of ”England.”

CRC Fundamental News bits for News




Pams, Dallas series #26




Olga Patricia Programme names[26]


Radio England


Dj theme tunes was not used on Radio England.

3,4- and 5-hour long “Boss Jock” stints, some had names like Roger Day Groove, Walker Fiasco and BB Spree/Boomers Broadcasting Company.

Gary Stevens Show Weekdays 1700-1800 from July 17th?

Gary Stevens Musical Museum Saturdays 1100-1200, later 1200-1300, in October 1966.

Midnight Early Show

Boss Fun 50

Rock n’Roll Revival Hour



Britain Radio


Breakfast club

Morning Serenade

Musical Carousel

Rush Hours

Evening Spin

Late Date

Memory Lane


Rock n’Roll Revival Hour?[27]

R and B Nite Ride

Request Show



World Tomorrow



Prizes to be won on 355(and 390 metres)… From Radio News(in London Weekly Advertiser and National Advertiser), February 7th, 1967.


Radio Dolfijn




Lichte Muziek vanaf The Laissez Faire



Muziek in de Vroege Morgen

Radio Dolfijn na Sluitingstijd


Top 30




and on 227 metres. Radio Dolfijn ad From ©Hans Knot’s archive.


Radio 227



Beat Boot

Beatles Show


Country Rise

Country Style

Jim Reeves Show

Koffie Verkeer

Louter Nederlands (Dick Weeda)


Middle of the Road Show

Night Beat Show

Ochtend Parade

Radio 227 Fab Fifty

Saturday Evening Party

Spits Uur

Ster van de Dag



Radio 355


355 Countryfied

AB Spree

Afternoon Star


At the keyboard

Breakfast Club

Café Continental

Children Time


Continental music

Country corner

Country Rise

Country Style

Double Feature

Easy Listening Hitparade

Easy Listening Top 40

Eight by Ten




Evening Requests

Evening Spin

For the children

Hour of Decision 

Kayne's Kingdom

Late date

Light and Bright

Lunchtime Requests

Mainly Instrumental

Make mine country style

MacKay's Music

Melody Hour

Middle of the road

Midnight Party

Music in the night

Musical Carousel

Pause for prayer


Revive your heart

Rise and Shine

Rush Hours

Saturday Night Party


Show Music

Something that you won't forget

Sunday Selection

Sunday's Folk Night

Sunday Story

The Beat of G and S

The R and B Show

Thursday's Selection

Top of the morning

World Tomorrow


[1]  ©Robert Chapman

[2] KBOX was owned by Euel Box, who worked at PAMS, and incidentially was the composer of the famous ”My Hometown” song(Pams series #16) used by Radio London. The "wonderful" in Wonderful Radio London also came from Euel Box (who may have instigated this slogan on several US stations, editor)KBOX 1480 in Dallas – the same station where the format of SRE came from, but with the same type of jingles used by Radio London. So not only Gordon McLendon’s KLIF 1190 , was the background of the stations Don Pierson founded.(©Eric Gilder.)

Here are some links to KBOX, first Mike Shannon’s great memorial site:

See also at “Uncle Ricky”’s for two great recordings of Dave Tucker(from John Rook’s collection)

and Frank Jolle on KBOX from 1966:

[3] Can anyone help with the correct text of the SRE "Magnificent Seven" "SRE Country" promo? It seems to be spoken by Bill Berry. And, does anyone know if it was considered in October 1966 to change SRE into country music?-Editor.

[4]  Now the Alhambra Hotel.

[5]  ©Robert Chapman

[6] ”How does a Beatle live?”

[7]“Uncle Ricky” at

[8]  ©Robert Chapman

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[10]  From ”Ron O’ Quinn interview” by ©OFFSHORE ECHOS #117, April 2000.


[12] Interview on the Steve England Radio England story. There also seems to be a parody made by Larry Dean, with only one “Bannerline”: ”A 4 feet Tidal Wave had allegedly washed away West Bridge and parts of the Embankment!”

[13] From ”Ron O’ Quinn interview” by ©OFFSHORE ECHOS #117, April 2000.

[14]  Editor: Printing error?

[15] For a case of “British export” to KHJ, listen to a recording of Tommy Vance on KHJ from 1966 here:

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[17] For reference, check out

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Featuring the ”soaring vocals” of Glenni Tai. See Don Worshams’ page

You might also want to check out Steve Geisler’s #27 collection at

[19] Featuring the vocals of Trella Hart.


[21]  Commercial Recording Corporation, founded by Tom Merriman, prior to his forming TM Productions, editor. See Don Worshams’

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[23] Famous UK dj in the 70s on Capital Radio, Roger Scott, started his career on WPTR, and was a later ”British export” to the USA. Hear his farewell show, before going to CFOX 1470 in Montreal here:

[24] Later Century 21 Productions, editor.

[25] Used on Dallas’ WFAA-570, it had ”... Magnificent orchestral arrangements. Probably the biggest group of musicians PAMS assembled. It also had a nice logo, although that was probably originally written by Tom Merriman for WIFE(AM)'s "Starbright" package at CRC. Very cool for the "better music" stations.”(Ken R. on a Radio World Special Report, also giving some new insight in Pams #18 track “Sonowaltz” and Euel Box, creator of the same set, the owner of “Wonderful KBOX” in Dallas. See

See also “The Second Jingle Book” available through

[26] From ”Offshore  Radio Programme Names” by Hans Knot.

[27]  Said by Mark Stevens on Radio England November 13th, 1966 to be starting on BR Sunday, Nov.20th.