The Radio Rose of Texas by Derek Burroughs, jr.


Chapter 3: ”Ron on the radio from 2-6 pm.” Olga Patricia djs and newsreaders May 3rd-August 6th 1967

Radio England


Initial team:


Roger Day

Larry Dean(Frank Laseter)



Presentation of Larry Dean from Swinging 66 brochure. From ©Hans Knot’s archive.


Ron O’Quinn(aka Jack Armstrong, Jack The Rabbit)

Rick Randall(Rick Crandall)

Colin Nicol

Jerry Smithwick

Brian Tylney

Johnnie Walker[1]


Graham Gill[2]

Phil Martin

Alan Black

Bill “Boss” Berry


The great Bill “Boss” Berry on the air on SRE 1322 kc[3].


Chuck Blair(Rick Phillips)

Boom Boom Brannigan(Bob Klingeman)

Jack Curtiss

Gary Stevens(on tape)

Rob Allen(also a Boom Boom Brannigan)(Alan Roberts)

Tom Cooper(Tom Hatala)Also as Greg Warren?

Greg Warren(Tom Cooper/Tom Hatala?)

Errol “Boss Cat” Bruce

Mark Stevens(aka Ted Delaney/ Ron Rose)

Bruce Wayne

John Ross Barnard(JRB)

Gordon Bennett(Gary Kemp)

Ed Moreno

Jim Henry[4] [5]?

Mike Barron[6]


Britain Radio


”Derek Burroughs”(Jack Wagner on Carousel automation)

Rick Randall

Jerry Smithwick

Ron O’Quinn

Johnnie Walker

Roger Day

Phil Martin

Alan Black



Graham Gill. From Radio News(in London Weekly Advertiser and National Advertiser) of February 14th, 1967.


Greg Warren(Tom Cooper/Tom Hatala?)

Tom Cooper(Greg Warren?)

Gordon Bennett(Gary Kemp)

Ed Moreno

Jack Curtiss

Errol Bruce

Ted Delaney(aka Mark Stevens/Ron Rose)

John Ross-Barnard

Johnny Dark(Harry Putnam)

Dave MacKay(Dave Gilbee)

Woolf Byrne[7]

Jack McLaughlin



Jack McLaughlin went from Radio Scotland to Britain Radio on January 25th, 1967 and was the presenter of “Nightbeat” from 7pm-midnight. From Melody Maker, February, 1967. From ©Hans Knot’s archive.


Tony Meehan

Alan West

John Wall(Gary Kemp/Gordon Bennett?)




Bee Bee Brannigan. On news July 29th.


Radio Dolfijn:


Peter van den Hoven

Look Boden[8]

Jos v. Vliet


Jos van Vliet on the air in the “227” studio on the Olga Patricia. From ©Hans Knot’s archive.


Thijs Lieffering

Jacques Soudan

Rob Klaasman

Pieter van Dijk

Boudewijn van Hengst(Lex Harding)


Radio 227:


Look Boden

Tom Collins(Tom Droog)

John v.Doorn

Lex Harding

(Harald)Harky(Harold v.Gelder)

Bob Lens

Jos v. Vliet

Dick Weeda


Radio 355:


”Derek Burroughs”(Jack Wagner on Carousel automation)

Phil Martin

Alan Black

Dave MacKay

Graham Gill

David Allan

Alan West


Woolf Byrne. From Radio News(in London Weekly Advertiser and National Advertiser) of February 7th, 1967.


Clement Shaw

Sheldon Jay

John Aston

Tony Monson

Tony Windsor

Mark Sloane

Martin Kayne



For a more comprehensive list of Olga Patricia broadcasters with curriculum vitas, go to Jon Myer’s site

See also his great SRE/BR presentation at



[1] See Bob Preedy: ”Johnnie Walker - Cruisin' The Formats” 60 A5-size pages long available for £6.99, post free, from R.E.Preedy, Wetherby Cinema, Wetherby LS22 4RU, Yorkshire.

[2] ”(While at Radio London)I was offered a job on Britain Radio England. I’d come off the Galaxy with Kenny, Mike and Tony on the tender and we were waiting to take the train to London from Harwich. There was a big Greyhound bus at the front and this guy called Don Pierson the man behind Britain Radio&England. He asked us if we wanted a ride back to London which we did and when we got on the bus he asked me whether I would like to work for him which I told him I would.”(©OFFSHORE ECHOS # 110, Feb.1998)

[3]  From the collection of the late Bill Vick, Managing Director of SRE/BR.

[4]  Who was Jim Henry?(editor)

[5]I also have one Mike Clark in my log from SRE, and another source maintains Mike Barron of later Radio 270 also being on the Laissez Faire.”(svennam) Can anyone confirm?-Editor.

[6] The late Mike Barron of Radio 270 has said that he was on board the Olga for a short time.(Ian Biggar)

[7] Woolf Byrne joined Britain Radio in January 1967, also on R355 Spring 1967.

[8] You may find Look Boden’s pictures from The Olga Patricia here: