Menhaden fishing vessel Earl J Conrad jr(ex mv OlgaPatricia, USS Deal)  and Sisterships

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by Derek Burroughs, jr:


(FS-263)Earl J Conrad jr


(FS-?)John S Dempster

(At the bottom of this pagethere is a film on the subject of these fishing ships. This footagefeatures the Dempster and maybe also Smith Island)

There is a documentary onPBS-"A fish tale":

The menhaden documentarystarts @8.00.

The Earl J Conrad jr is not onthere, though, but the sister ship John S Dempster Jr(FS-?) is featuredfrom 16.00-16.10.

It gives a good insight inthe business that the Earl J Conrad jr is a part of.

Maybe also a shot of the JSDat 13:35. At 14.33 the small boat stems from the John S Dempster.

Other (sister ships) featuredin that documentary are Smith Island(FS-216), GreatWicomico(FS-227)Shearwater(FS-411) and the Smuggler's Point.






(FS-216)Smith Island


SmugglerŐs Point


A seemingly virtually intact sister ship(not in the menhaden business) is


(FS-313)Betsy Ross