In memoriam:

Knut N. Stokke, Our Norwegian Consultant 1998-2006.


Knut N. Stokke was born in Gjemnes, Nordm¿re, Norway, the 26th of September in 1929, and passed away on October 30th, 2011.


He graduated from the Norwegian Technical University in 1958, and on the 6th of January 1959 Mr.Stokke joined the Broadcasting Section at The Norwegian Telecommunications Administration where he got the responsibility for frequency planning and radio propagation problems.


From 1960 he participated as a lecturer in the education of maintenance people for the FM and TV stations. In addition he served as a part-time teacher at the Norwegian Telecommunications AdministrationÕs Education Centre for engineers.


In 1969 he joined the Transmission Section in the Norwegian Telecommunications Administration, A part of his responsibility was to initiate new regulations concerning TV transmitters/transposers and FM transmitters/transposers.


When the Norwegian Telecommunications Authority was established in 1987, he became Head of Section for regulation of TV and FM broadcasting, cable TV and radio propagation.  In 1995 the name of the organisation was changed to Post and Telecommunications Authority, and he was engaged as adviser in the Technical and Standardisation Department/Staff.


Because of the nature of his work, he has participated in international organisations concerning radio regulations and radio propagation. He was a member of the Norwegian Electrotechnical Committee, and has been a member of the board of representatives in that committee. He was also a member of URSI (Union Radio-Scientifique Internationale) and AGARD (NATOÕs Advisory Group for Aerospace Research & Development), and contributed with papers and articles in these organisations.


Concerning international cooperation related to radiotechnical problems, he participated in the work of EBU (European Broadcasting Union), and as Norwegian delegate to several ITU meetings and planning conferences (ITU = International Telecommunication Union). One of his responsibilities in one of the ITU working groups was to prepare the first edition of the World Atlas of Ground Conductivities.


Of the conferences where he has participated as delegate, he mentioned the ITU FM and TV planning conference in Stockholm 1961, ITU's administrative radio conference in Oslo in 1966 where the colour TV systems and the FM stereo systems were decided, ITUÕs conference for LF and MF broadcasting, Geneva 1974 and 1975, ITUÕs planning conference for satellite broadcasting, Geneva 1977, and conference for the extended FM broadcasting band, Geneva 1984.


He has also participated as a lecturer at ITU seminars (Muscat, Oman, 1983, Geneva 1983). Another lecture which he mentioned, was at the German lonospheric Institute in Kleinheubach 1981 (in German),


He contributed with several papers in the ITU and EBU journals, with several papers (in English and Norwegian) in Norwegian journals (registered in NORART).


In addition he wrote a Norwegian textbook on radio transmission, first edition at the Norwegian Telecommunication Administration 1961, which was later edited by the University publishers 1971. A Norwegian textbook, ÓFrom transmitter to receiverÓ, an introduction to radio wave propagation, was published in 1978, and a textbook on transmitter technique was published in 1989.


The Northern Star project is very grateful to Knut N.Stokke. He was a very friendly and helpful person, very knowledgeable, and a very great help to our project! We first met in 1972 at Teledirektoratet in Oslo as a dx-friend and myself had been invited to his office to discuss the coming ITU LF/MF Conference in Geneva in 1974. The conversation was most interesting, and only the first of many conversations and phone calls throughout the 70s-80s-90s and early 2000s. We learned of the plans for high-power AM-stations around Norway, heard of the special antenna system of Allouis, then on 164 kHz, facsimile transmissions over Jel¿y Kringkaster, and as the broadcasting monopoly fell, he became favorable to the community broadcasting stations set up from the early 80s and onwards. And he signed many QSL cards and letters for us! He arranged for a grant to DX-Listeners'Club from Teledirektoratet for NOK 10000, and generously shared his knowledge and papers and essays. Always a big supporter of AM broadcasting because of its big coverage, it was he who finally convinced us to go for a high-power AM license in January 1997, initially for 153, then for 216 and 1314 kHz. We were able to rely on him for our application documents in 1997 and 2000, had the 153 and 216 kHz frequencies on our hands, and the 1314 station LKS Kvits¿y Kringkaster on offer for the last part of 2006. Stokke always said, first you get "NO", then "YNO", then "YES AND NO" and finally "YES". He was right, never hiding there might be opposition! Knut N.Stokke was also a very gifted writer of Christian hymns and has also left a large folder of these. We last met in 2006 at Post and Tele in Oslo in connection with our taking part in the P&T working group "New life for Low-Frequency Broadcasting" but had contact until he was hit by illness.


Norwegian summary:


Overingeni¿r Knut N.Stokke(1929-2011) var konsulent for Northern Star-prosjektet 1998-2006.


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Intervju med overingeni¿r Knut N.Stokke om satellittkringkasting:

NRK Nordland 091282


Beskrivelse: svennms Mac:Users:svennmartinsen:Desktop:Radiotransmisjon.jpeg



kabler, b¿lgeutbredelse, antenner, 362 s.

Universitetsforlaget 1982

Boka behandler de viktigste transmisjonsmessige forhold en mŒ ta hensyn til ved radiooverf¿ringer. Kabler og kabelteori brukes som utgangspunkt for Œ komme over til b¿lgeledere og b¿lgeutbredelse i rommet. Avsnitt om filter, glassfiberteknikk, navigasjon m.m.


Beskrivelse: svennms Mac:Users:svennmartinsen:Desktop:Fra sender til mottaker.jpeg


Fra sender til mottaker

Innf¿ring i radiotransmisjon

Vett og viten, 1994

Boka gir en innf¿ring i radiotransmisjon, dvs. b¿lgeutbredelse, antenner og kabler.

NivŒ: Noe forkunnskaper om elektrisitet og magnetisme.

Nynorsk utgave Universitetsforlaget 1978




Vett og viten, 1989

Denne boka gir ei innf¿ring i senderteknikk, spesielt for kringkasting. Det blir lagt vekt pŒ Œ forklare prinsipper, og s¾rlig da prinsippene for modulasjon. Og i og med at modulering og demodulering er avhengige av hverandre blir det ogsŒ tatt med litt om mottakersida. Det siste avsnittet er om satelittkringkasting, og der mŒ en ta med bŒde sendersida og mottakersida for Œ fŒ et innblikk i systemene.


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mikrofon, kamera, sender, mottaker

Universitetsforlaget 1975


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