”The Islands”

English language presentation 2002(2005)-2013





The logo was designed by the late Greta Rimington.


Oygarden(”The Islands”) Pastorate(geographically identical to the municipality of the same name) has two Parishes, Blomvag and Hjelme and is situated on many islands in the North Sea

West of Bergen, Norway.


The vicar of ”The Islands” from 2002-2013 was Fr.Svenn Martinsen, 62. He was earlier priest in the Norwegian Armed Forces, Parish priest in Bud and Hustad, Outer Romsdal, Fjell (”The Rock”) on Sotra Island. He is active in the Confessional Movement of the Church of Norway and has been Regional Dean in the Western District of the Free Synod.

He said about his mission to ”The Islands”:


” I am just a small soldier in the army of the Lord, striving to do God's will in a secular country and difficult church situation. I want to uphold the historic Christian Faith and Order of the Church, Biblical, Apostolic and Catholic, and to resist all efforts to deviate from it. With confessional roots in the classic Old Church Symbols, the Small Catechism and the Confession of Augsburg, I seek to minister personally and sacramentally to all who are faithful to the Great Tradition of the Church, both within the Church and Norway and outside of it, while working cooperatively for the creation of an orthodox diocese of the Church of Norway. Internationally I support the efforts of creating a Third Province of the Anglican Church, and an American-Anglo-Nordic Confederation of Christians, Church Bodies and Churches led by orthodox Bishops, to be in eucharistic communion with each other. I also sincerely hope for unity in truth and a communion of grace between ourselves and Roman Catholic brothers and sisters. There is only one Apostolic and Catholic Church of Christ!”


Among the inspirations for the logo above are:


The fish-”Ichtys”: Greek, known from the Early Church. The letters stand for: JESUS-CHRIST-THE SON OF GOD-SAVIOUR. Used as code in persecution times.


Fish and Whale: The calling and life of the Prophet Jonah. Jonah as model of Christ. The calling of Jesus of fishermen to be fishers of men. ”The theology of fishermen.”(St.Gregor of Nyssa) 

Jona 2,11; Matt. 4,18-22; 12,40


3 Fishes og 3 Bread: Eucharistic symbol from the sign and teaching of Christ of the Bread of Life in the Gospel of John, Chapter 6. Points to our 3 churches, Blomvag, Hjelme and Hjelme Old.


Bread: The one Bread and the one body of Christ. A holy, Apostolic and Catholic Church. A communion of grace between Christians on the foundation of the Church, the apostles and the prophets.



Triangle: The Holy Trinity: The Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


Eye: God has all power, He sees everything.


The Islands: Biblical expression.”North of Svelgen bridge”: Oygarden as a guardian of traditional Christian values.  Oygarden (previously Herdla) Pastorate.

Is 42,10


Colours: The most common 4 colours from the Holy year of the Church:

Purple: Advent, Lent, Repentance and Confession.

White: The feasts of Christmas and Easter, Easter Time, Feast: The Sacraments of Marriage and Baptism.

Red: The feast of Pentecost: The Holy Spirit, Witness, The Charismal Gifts, Confirmation and Mission.

The Holy Spirit: The West Wind.

-He comes with Wind and Rain!

He melts, cleans, nourishes and warms.

He comes with revival, new life and new power to the Church.

A West Wind for the Church!

Green: The growth of Christ in us(Sundays after Christmas) Our growth in Christ(Sundays after Trinity)


The circle: The eternal God. We are called home to His Eternal Kingdom.


The ring: The faithfulness of the bride(The Church of Christ) towards the Bridegroom(Christ). A right Bishop is faithful towards Christ and His Church.



A golden ring among the ”strils”[1]:

A ring of an unknown bishop was found on Church Island, Hernar, 1944. Oygarden Pastorate has links to Celtic Christianity, the St.Magnus-tradition in the Orkney Islands, Church and Christian Life in Northern Europe, on the other side of the North Sea and the Atlantic, in the UK, Isle of Man, Ireland and North America, and the great tradition of the Church, founded on the Apostolic Witness about Christ in the Holy and True Word of God.


Each Sunday we celebrate Mass in one of our churches. During the homily, the children may go to their Sunday School group. Regularly there is a special Service for families with small children. In our churches we have two choirs for children from 4 years up to 13 years old, we have a youth choir, different children groups, various weekend camps for all ages from 7 years to 16 years old, as well as bible study groups.


The West Wind of the Church!

Christ the Lord is King!

Viva el Cristo Rey!
        ”The LORD reigneth; let the earth rejoice; let the multitude of isles be glad thereof(and)…wait for his law.”

Psalm.97,1+Is.42,4(King James)Is.42,12; 49,1; 60,9


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[1] Traditional name for the country people around the city of Bergen.