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Global Radio-The Northern Star!

In May, 2012, our International Radio Station Radio Northern Star- "Your Radio Heartland of Music" started broadcasting on the internet.
By late 2016, we are now heard in 136 countries!
In the year 2013, our station had 450888 started streams.
In 2014, Radio Northern Star had an average of 2613491 started streams, 50259 started streams per week, 7179 per day, 299 per hour, 5 per minute!
In December, 2014, Radio Northern Star had 567512 started streams, that is 18307 per day, 763 per hour, 13 per minute!
Sunday, December 14th, 2014 brought a new startling weekly record: In Week 50 151719 tuned in, which amounts to 21674 daily listeners!
In the third week of April 2015, Radio Northern Star-"Your Heartland of Music" had more than 165 050 listeners!
You, too can join our increasing audience on Radio Northern Star and Northern Lights-The Voice of the Free Gospel!
Right now you're on!
But we can also be found on all the following channels on the web:
Wifi Radios everywhere
And on 1611 and 5895 kHz!

Yes, there's still life in the AM Medium and Shortwave Broadcasting Bands-
And the coverage is superb!

New Life for Low-frequency Broadcasting:

Digital AM and FM:
AM propagation:
SDR Listening:
Classic Norwegian Broadcasting:

Norske Kringkastingsstasjoner by the late Bernt Erfjord(Norwegian Broadcasting Stations, in Norwegian)

The old Radio Norway International by the late Bernt Erfjord(NRK foreign service history, partly in Norwegian)

AM Radio from Bergen, Norway by Svenn Martinsen

Classic Foreign Broadcasting:

A Radio Rose of Texas. The 5 of the "Olga Patricia" by Derek Burroughs, jr.

A visit to WLW in Cincinnati, OH by Svenn Martinsen

A Shortwave Station from 485 Madison Avenue by the late Lou Josephs

Picture: Radio Northern Star 1611 Khz transmitter site.

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